About MD Radiation Safety and Security

We bring over 30 years of experience as a licensed user, a Radiation Safety Officer, extensive field work and Management of the state Radioactive Material Licensing Program. We are knowledgeable of, and have participated in both state and national level regulatory requirements and rule making. In addition, we bring over 10 years of experience coordinating radioactive material license inspections, enforcement activities as well as investigations and extensive field activities.

We have the experience having worked on “Both Sides of the Regulatory Fence.” We strive to bring Reasonable Solutions based on our experience and knowledge of your licensed activities and Radiation Safety and Security requirements.

We can better serve all areas of Texas because we are located in the Austin/Central Texas area. In addition, regulatory or enforcement issues requiring face-to-face meetings with State government regulators are easier and less costly for clients.

We are a Proud Texas Home-Grown Business and will strive to win your business and keep it by supplying excellent service you can count on.

Mike Dunn
MD Radiation Safety and Security